Monday, December 19, 2011

Quick Jameson Irish Whiskey Review

Jameson Irish Whiskey bottle image

   Not much to say about Jameson. People love it, it's grown tremendously in recent years, and the bottle looks great. It has a really strong brand image, nice website, and just saying 'Jameson' makes me feel pretty happy. It has the image of being Ireland in a bottle. Oh, and the Latin on either side of the coat of arms, "Sine Metu" means, "Without fear". How cool is that?

Price: around $20

ABV: 40%

Color: light yellow

Nose: Quite sweet and fruity this one. Also got a somewhat unpleasant metallic smell. with a splash of water the fruits open up into peaches, apples, and maybe a bit of citrus.

Flavor: Sweet and fruity, almost fruit juice like, with the same metallic offness. a hint of malt.

Finish: Nice light malt mixes in with the sweet. Then more fruity sweet. A little hot in the throat for this ABV. And a little more metallic, but much less. fades to a hot fruity finish.

   I like Jameson. It's so fruity and fresh tasting it's almost not even like whiskey. Maybe a good one to try if your new to whiskey? Mixes with club soda and a lime really, really well. The metallic quality of it is somewhat of a let down. It's been there from the time I open this bottle to the end. If that could be sorted out I would recomend this whiskey a lot higher. Perhaps I just got an off batch? 

   In the end, this is a decent bottle of $20 whiskey. Wouldn't honestly pay anymore than that for it.

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